Houseparty has not hacked your phone: you we

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Table of Contents

Houseparty has not hacked your phone: you we 1

In the last few hours we have seen how many users have begun to disseminate information that indicates that the popular application of video calling Houseparty it would have been the responsible of the leak of accounts and data of many of its customers.

The image that travels virally chats of thousands of people is this:

Houseparty has not hacked your phone: you we

As you can see, it will be appreciated that it is a message from the Twitter account of the National Police of Spain, a profile very active, which often report cases of this kind, among many others.

Elements that cause us to doubt

The first thing that calls the attention is that it is a photograph, and not a link. If indeed the police have released that, it is much easier to send the link of the publication.

But no, it’s an image, that may have been modified.

No date

The second scale, and a lot of, it is that you do not see the date of the publication, so we cannot verify for ourselves that this is an official message.

The photograph is taken in a way that you should see, next to the nick of the person or user, but coincidentally, in the area of the tweet that we would see this information there is nothing.

Spelling mistakes

Normally the use of caps tends to indicate that a message is false, although not always. The police used the case to highlight some parts of your messages.

However, what we don’t see are messages with spelling mistakesas the use of closures of exclamation without use of the opening, as seen in the first photograph.

The company has denied the facts

A short time after this fact had become notorious, the company itself has denied the facts in his Twitter account. As you can see, in this case yes there is a link to the publication, so that we know that it is real:

What has happened in reality

We have decided to investigate what has happened and we have gone direct to the Twitter profile of the police. By browsing your timeline, we have seen a publication that shares several elements with the superior image.

As you can see, we have the same icon at the start of the message, the photograph of the tweet is the same and even the link has the same link shortener.

Is more, you can visit this link:

If you do go to the news of the bear Now Granada on the detention of a person for disturbing the people who were queuing in a supermarket.

What has happened is that someone has decided to modify the main text of this tweet to launch the message that his would be. It is not known, for now, or who has been, or the reasons for it.

Unfortunately it is really easy to perform modifications of this type, as you can see:

Houseparty has not hacked your phone: you we 2

We have decided to leave the date and put the seal that is false to not be able to use that image, but we wanted to show them, with a bit of humor, which is very simple to do, not just photos, but videos even, of this kind of modifications.

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