Horrorfield, a horror game with multiplayer games

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Table of Contents

Lovers of horror games and who also have tasks or tasks to survive the monster, ghost or any other entity, will not end up disappointed with this title. It’s kind of Friday the 13th: The Game, with similar mechanics where there are different roles.

Horrorfield - Multiplayer Survival Horror
Horrorfield - Multiplayer Survival Horror

What’s Horrorfield about

In this multiplayer horror title, you can compete or collaborate with others in real time. There are four psychopaths and seven different survivors, each with their own role and abilities. Specifically with two sides to play in the game. If you are the psychopath, find your victims and kill them; if you are a survivor, flee as soon as you can.

psycho horrofield

By opening the game, the player will be able to choose whether to participate in the game as a murderer or as a victim. Each game will consist of five players, the murderer and the four victims who must escape.

horrorfield departure

The objective of the victims, in addition to surviving, will be to move around the map to find and repair the 4 power generators needed to open the front door, escape and win the game. To do this, they will have various tools scattered around the map and first aid kits that will help them withstand more than one blow from the chainsaw. On the other hand, the killer’s goal is clear: kill all four victims Before they get out

Take on different roles in Horrorfield

One of the fundamental and most differential characteristics is that each character has their own role. We’ll start with Jack, the only one unlocked at the start. To continue unlocking more characters, we must complete a series of missions and tasks that we can see on the main screen. He will not only try to escape, but to collaborate with the rest of the players to increase his rank and access new characters.

horrofield characters

Also, you have to know play the roles of each survivor. In a summarized and synthesized way, these are the roles of each member, whose selections must be according to what we want to fulfill in the game:

  • The basketball player can run away from the psycho faster than the others.
  • The doctor heals herself and the other players.
  • The engineer can fix generators in the madhouse and create objects faster.
  • The thief has great dexterity and stealth.
  • The mercenary is a brave soldier with high morale.
  • The scientist can upgrade military equipment and extend his aura of knowledge to other survivors.
  • The police officer can catch the killer.

To play psycho, more of the same. It has up to 4 variants to choose from, either Butcher, Cultist, Ghost or Beast. All of them have different characteristics, measured by speed, strength, occultism and many others. In addition, the abilities of all characters can be increased as they gain experience and level, so that they are able to perform more tasks.

horrofield objects

One thing survivors have that psychopaths don’t enjoy is that they can crafting and creating items for games. For example, and always depending on the character we choose, we can create toolkits to repair more quickly, first aid kits, flashlights and many other items that will help both us and our teammates in the game.

Sensations when playing Horrorfield

All this composition of characters and elements are transferred to a game that generates that fear and that necessary tension of a horror game. We have one third person view and with an aerial perspective, which gives us a generous view of our location. Graphically, it shows great behavior and the animations are achieved, in addition to a very punctual soundtrack depending on the events that occur.