HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei): what they are, how they are installed, what are they for

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Table of Contents

Since the month of may Huawei can not install the applications and services of Google on their phones, a topic that we have spoken on several occasions. This means that phones from the chinese brand does not have the Google Play Store, nor can you use the apps that are essential on Android (Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, Google Photos…), forcing the firm to seek an alternative to this problem.

Not having these services prevents them from also being able to install apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram as normal. Given this situation, the brand is forced to create its own platform, that is HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei) or Huawei Mobile Services, which surely you’ve heard in some time. Although the name may sound, many sounds what is covered and what is possible to do in it. I tell you everything then.

What is HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei) and what it is

HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei): what they are, how they are installed, what are they for 1

HMS or Mobile Services Huawei is a own platform of brand china, which replace the Google applications and services in the phones of the brand and Honor. In addition, it provides third-party developers with tools with which to create their own applications. HMS is a key piece for the brand to be able to create its own ecosystem, thus making everything that Google does for users and developers on Android.

At HMS we find ourselves with an app store of its own, who is in charge of replacing the Google Play Storethat is the AppGallery, of which I have spoken on several occasions. On the other hand, have a component aimed at developers, that is HMS Core, designed so that developers can create or enhance your applications. This component consists of various APIS, SDKS and various services available to such developers.

Mobile Services Huawei are not something newhave , in fact, existed for years, even though the mark has not been used actively until now, when it has been forced, because of the ban american who will be using the Google mobile services, GMS.

What to include

HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei): what they are, how they are installed, what are they for 2

Having to replace the services and Google apps on the phone, Mobile Services, Huawei also have a series of specific applications of the brand, which come installed by default on these phones. Are applications that seek to cover the functions that Google apps offered on the phone (cloud storage, email, assistant, music, topics of its own or its own web browser, among others).

The list of applications unique to the brand that we are currently in the HMS is the following:

  • Huawei ID: To be able to access the phone we need to make an account on Huawei ID, which is the equivalent to the Google account on the Android or the Apple ID on the iPhone. Data for many services or applications are synchronized with the Huawei ID.
  • Topics: An application of issues of its own, where you can choose themes to customize the phone to your liking. Also allows you to change icons, lock screen, or wallpapers.
  • Huawei Video: The streaming service of the brand, present in phones Huawei and Honor, but has not had the response or popularity expected by the brand itself.
  • Browser: Huawei Browser is the browser of the brand, present in the Mobile Services of Huawei, we can also install on other Android phones. Basically replaces to Google Chrome on the phones.
  • Huawei Assistant: The wizard’s own brand in china, replacement of Google Assistant in the phones.
  • Huawei Mobile Cloud: Service of cloud storage, that syncs with Huawei ID. Photos, videos, contacts, notes or calendar are stored in this service, which gives you 5 GB free of charge. Although it is possible to purchase additional storage, up to a maximum of 2 TB.
  • Music: This is a service that is not available yet, though is expected to come soon, although it is unknown whether it will be available around the world. It is basically an application of streaming music, as is evident from your original page.
  • News: Huawei will also provide on their phones, a news app, which will be integrated in the browser. This application is SQUID, which we have tested recently, which is also available for download on Android phones. This application will be integrated soon in the Mobile Services of Huawei.

These are the applications that are included in the HMS in an official way, as you can see are expanding with the passage of time. All of them intended for replace the Google applications we met before on the phones of the brand.

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei wants their app store is the alternative to Google Play

The use of Mobile Services Huawei on their phones instead of Google services, the phones of the brand do not have access to the Play Store. To address this absence, the brand launched its own store for its phones, which is the AppGallery. This shop has been a couple of years this in phones, even phones Huawei Android have it, but because of the current situation has become in the main store of the devices.

– Level interface is similar to other app stores, but the major problem facing AppGallery is the absence of the most of heavy weights between applications. Applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter are not available in the same, which limits considerably the interest in and use of this store on the phones, while the CEO of Huawei believes that soon will be launched in the store.

The Huawei AppGallery, she shares some functions with the Play Store, as we find also with the so-called games and applications instant in the same, which allow you to use them without the need of installation. The selection is on the increase and is presented as a good option for users who have a phone with little storage space, or is already little space available.

How to install the Mobile Services Huawei

HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei): what they are, how they are installed, what are they for 3

As you already know, the new phones from Huawei that come to the market come directly with the Mobile Services of Huawei installed, such as the P40 Lite recently, or the Mate 30 the Pro a few months ago. But not only can be used in these models, as other Huawei phones or any Android phone in general has access to such services. So in principle anyone will be able to enjoy them on your phone.

In the Google Play Store, we find the possibility of downloading them, although this version available is outdated. So you don’t have too much sense to bet on it. Where yes we can download is from own AppGallery Huaweiso that you will have to use this store to do this. This version of the Mobile Services, Huawei will be able to install it on any phone without any problem. Just make sure you have enough free space. To install them do this:

  1. Download AppGallery on your phone, we can download the APK of Huawei, from this link.
  2. Complete the installation of the store.
  3. Open the AppGallery on your phone.
  4. Looking for the HMS in it, available at this link.
  5. Proceed to their installation on the phone.
  6. Follow the steps.
  7. Create an account Huawei ID to be able to use them (you can access with your Google account also).

Once installed and using an account Huawei ID, you’ll be able to enjoy the mobile services Huawei on your phone, using the apps that I mentioned above before.

The entrance to HMS (Mobile Services of Huawei): what they are, how they are installed, what are they for appears first in Android Free.