Hey Google, what is this song: tara tarara tararara ta

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One of the most innovative applications that we saw in Spain during the last time was Shazam. This application that is capable of recognizing the music that is playing is so good that it was even bought by Apple itself. It is not a unique application, since even the Google Assistant itself already has this capacity (and in the case of the Google Pixel, it is even a function of the automatic system that does not need internet or consumes battery).

Beyond recognizing songs, Google has decided to train its artificial intelligence to go much further andreinvent the Shazam. Listening to a song on the street and recognizing it is fine, but what happens when a song is in your head and you don’t know what it’s called?

In Google they have asked that same question, and they already have an answer.

Google Assistant already recognizes your hum as music

No, it is not that the keyboard is stuck, but that it is the new voice command of the virtual assistant present in most Android phones. After activating said assistant, letting you know with the phrase (or with any of the shortcuts to invoke it) you can start humming or trying to sing any song, the one that comes to mind.

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And, surprise, it seems that Google will know how to identify that song that has been in your head for weeks, in which you did not stop thinking and of which your friends were already fed up with your futile attempts to reproduce it singing.

Hey Google, what is this song: tara tarara tararara ta 1

The function has already begun to be deployed and we have tested it both on a Google Pixel 4a with the new assistant and on a Galaxy Note 10+ with the current assistant on most Android phones and it has worked on both. I’ve started humming theopeningof Dragon Ball Z. Even with my null ability to sing or hum the assistant has proposed the song as the most probable.

Depending on the song and our skills, it may be hit or miss quite often, but it’s impressive given the computational complexity of the challenge it faces.

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