Here are the best programs to view photos and images in Windows 10

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best photo programs

When we store photos on our computer, we usually resort quickly to the application that the operating system offers us by default. In the case of Windows 10, we have Photos, a program with which we can perform various functions. However, there are much more interesting alternatives on the Internet and, of course, free. In this article, we will review what the best programs to view photos in Windows 10 which will also allow us to get the most out of our image library.

As we say, the viewer of Photos what offers Windows 10 it is a clear option. Over time it has been polished and has added some functionalities. But it is a very basic program that, beyond the user level, does not offer many features. Also, you may have noticed that it sometimes takes a long time to load the images, this being one of the most recurrent complaints.

Therefore, if you are thinking of looking for a alternative To visualize and make some edits on your photos and images, you must pay attention. Next, we will detail some of the best programs that you can use in Windows 10. All of them are free. Therefore, you can do the tests you want until you find the one that best suits your characteristics.

Alternatives to Windows Photo Viewer


The free program IrfanView It is possibly one of the best known and used by users. It has been cataloged on many occasions as the best alternative to view photos in Windows. It is compatible with practically all versions of the operating system, from Windows XP up to 10.

best photo programs

One of its main advantages is the little space it occupies on our hard drive and the excellent performance it has. He is really fast responding. Now, its role is clear, view photos. As for the editing options it offers, they are not the most extensive, but they are sufficient. Supports all kinds of image and video format, and also supports many plugins free installation.


This app works excellently as a mere photo viewer. But it also offers us other options, so it can be an alternative series if we are looking for a certain level of specialization. FastStone it is also quite fast and light, and compatible with many formats. From this program we can highlight that, by making very little use of resources, it allows us to do touch-ups Y Edit the pictures.

It has a full screen mode, which gives it an advantage over some programs of the style. It also offers us quite advanced tools related to the treatment of colors, digital effects, metadata about the photos or the visualization of folders.


XnView is another fairly light and efficient image viewer. As a strong point, it must be said that it is compatible with an infinity of multimedia formats. The interface is simple and intuitive. Despite this, the returns are more than satisfactory. The viewer allows some editing options such as color adjustments, photo residency, cropping, metadata editing, resizing, including watermarks, adding text or presenting slides.

But it is not just an image viewer to use. It also organizes images with ease and manages files within your library. It is available in more than 40 languages and it has several versions depending on the level of specialization that the user needs.


If, as a user, you are looking for minimalism and few artifices, JPEGView it is possibly your program. It is a fairly simple software, but very effective if we require a quick viewer for visualization and basic editing. Supports formats Jpeg, BMP, PNG, GIF Y Tiff and process images with agility. It is not possible that this program consumes very few resources from our team. The editing options allow us to adjust the contrast, sharpness, color saturation, balance….

best photo programs

Its use is very simple, since its interface offers just the right flourishes. To do this, the utilities it has are based on contextual menus to get the most out of the tool.


Another alternative that is also quite simple and basic to use. But no less effective, especially if we are looking for pure and simple visualization. Honeyview supports a wide variety of formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP Y PSD, in addition to allowing compressed files. It also offers a simple interface that makes it easy to use and a EXIF reader.

best photo programs

Its simplicity does not exempt it from offering some editing options such as image rotation, resizing or file conversion.


This software goes one step further and goes beyond the typical display use. And it is a powerful and fast tool that allows the editing of photos and images. If you use multiple operating systems, Nomacs is a good alternative, since it is compatible with macOS Y Linux. To view photos, the application puts at our disposal a library organized in thumbnails and works very fluently.

best photo programs

The application, as we say, is not a simple viewer and offers us some interesting editing and adjustment options: brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, resizing … In addition to everything mentioned, it allows you to read formats RAW Y PSD, and have one 64-bit portable version.

WildBit Viewer

This application compatible with Windows 10 is very simple and intuitive if we want to see our photos. Among the different functions offered WildBit Viewer, its slide show allows us to see our photographic archives in the form of slideshow. It has a fairly precise zoom and the photo editor offers several interesting adjustment options, such as the modification of metadata.

best photo programs

It supports the vast majority of photo formats, in total more than 70, and allows us to compare images. Its full screen display mode can be controlled from a mobile Androidas it has a remote control application.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

This application bears several similarities to Photos, the native one offered by Windows 10. What’s more, it seeks precisely to resemble it. However, it improves it by offering more functions and a better response time. It supports basic image formats such as JPG, BMP, Tiff and PNG. But you can also read those more professional like RAW, PSD Y CDR.

You enter the editing options, Apowersoft Photo Viewer Allows you to perform screenshots, full screen display and basic settings for color, contrast, etc. The tool works fast and, as expected, it consumes few resources on our team. It also allows the reading of files in the Pdf.


This photo and image viewer is something different from the rest. As a peculiarity, ComicsViewer It has a vertical display mode that will allow us to enjoy graphic content such as comics. In addition, it has compatibility with practically all existing formats.

best photo programs

As for the rest of the functionalities, it has basic editing tools (contrast, brightness, resize, image rotation, cuts…). This also makes it a suitable program for those users who want to have their photo library organized. It is also a very light application, since it does not require installation. You can run as portable program and take you anywhere on a USB device.

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