Help someone else by controlling their PC remotely with TeamViewer

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How to use Teamviewer to connect remotely with another PC

If you are a “handyman” in managing programs and everyone asks you to install, fix, clean or any other task to improve the PC, perhaps you already know and even master a tool like TeamViewer. But if you have never tried it, this program allows you remotely control another computer to operate it remotely with your own mouse and keyboard, either to operate your own computer or to help another person to carry out an action. In this way, you can share your desktop or screen, transfer files and organize meetings with the possibility of recording them if you want.

TeamViewer is one of the most popular programs for connecting computers remotely. It is free and there is also a paid version for professionals. In addition, it is available in many languages, including Spanish. It is very focused on improve productivity with remote work. It is a tool with cross-platform access, and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Raspberry Pi and even allows interaction with mobile phones, both Android and iOS.

In addition to online collaboration, this program provides connection reports, with the possibility of exporting them to a CSV file, as well as controlling the speed of the internet connection. It also allows you other very useful functions such as the possibility of chat with someone or manage a list of multiple computers to connect to them quickly. And if you want the interaction to be even easier, remote control allows you to use the technology of augmented reality (it’s called TeamViewer Pilot) without the need for glasses just with the smartphone. Although this is perhaps more interesting for professional use, any user can benefit from this feature. For example, for someone to assist you and tell you how you can change a car wheel in real time.

Which version to download and how to do it

How to use TeamViewer to control another PC

In order to use this tool it is necessary that both computers have it. To do this, visit the official website of the program. As usual when installing an application on the PC, an .exe file is downloaded and you must run it. Instantly a window appears in which it indicates an ID and a password. Those will be your credentials to “take ownership” of the target team. The person who is going to operate the PC in the distance must install the full version of TeamViewer. The one receiving the help simply downloads a TeamViewer QuickSupport module on the target computer.

Next, you must type the ID that appears on the destination PC on your PC, in the little window that appears at the top right of the screen, then click on the icon that says Connect and check the Remote Control option. If you want to transfer files, select this function. After entering the ID, another window opens asking you to enter the password that the program gives you by default. Once set, as if by magic, you can control that computer from anywhere and whenever you want (with the same ID and password). So of easy and simple is to attend someone remotely. It does not have any complications.

How to use TeamViewer to control another PC

You will know that you are connected to the PC if you see, at the top left of the screen, the name assigned to the PC that you have connected to (in this case it is a PC called SUPERPORTABLE).

How to organize, schedule and join a meeting

To summon it:

This tool gives you the possibility to meet with other people, something that comes in handy for teleworking. Host and connect to a meeting it is also a very simple dynamic. The first thing is to select, on the left of the screen, the Meeting tab. Then, if you want to organize it, click Start, a window of Audio and video Settings opens (you configure them to your liking). It then asks you if you want to screen share or not.

How to use TeamViewer to control another PC

To invite other people to participate in the meeting with TeamViewer, click on the icon that appears at the bottom right of the screen with an icon of a person and the + symbol and a window will open asking you to enter the email email for the invitation to arrive.

To join her:

If you want to join a meeting, you can do it through the link that will have come to you from the organizer or also directly from the application itself, through the window that appears at the top right or in this page of the TeamViewer website. There a window appears for you to type the ID of the meeting.

To schedule it:

Entering the Scheduling section you will be able to generate an ID with which other users will enter the meeting. To do this, you must be registered in TeamViewer, as it asks you to log in with the email and password you used when creating the account. To register, go to the Login section (in the upper left corner of the screen) and click on Register.

How to use TeamViewer to control another PC

Once inside, click on New meeting, choose the start and end date and time and you will see that it has automatically generated a password for you (in case you want to use it, if not, delete it). When you save it, you will see that an ID has also been assigned to you. Once scheduled, when you want to start it, you select the My meetings icon (top left of the screen) and then the Start icon and that’s it.

Although TeamViewer uses various encryption technologies to be secure, taking control of another computer with this program is not without risks. So, for security, when you are not using it, exit the program, open it only when you need to to prevent someone from sneaking into your computer or someone else’s. It is the safest option against possible vulnerabilities. As with any other program, always keep it updated and choose strong passwords that prevent access to the user account. They are basic safety rules that can save you from an upset.

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