Hearthstone updates with new heroes for Battlegrounds

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As part of patch 19.2, Hearthstone it has undergone a notable update and fresh out of the oven. In particular, the card game has recently been updated to bring some changes to the Battlegrounds, one of the most followed game modes in the title.


A revamp for the ‘Battlegrounds’ game mode

Many changes are what this Hearthstone update brings. However, more specifically, however, it has been Battlefields, one of the many additional modalities that the video game offers, the one that has undergone a greater series of novelties.

This new details pack brings with it a change in which it now has not only three new heroes but also, for the first time in the history of the mode, spells. The latter, however, will be temporary, and have been called Black Moon Awards in honor of the most recent expansion of the video game.

The developers introduce this new time mechanic for the Darkmoon Awards with the following development. Every four shifts, we will discover a prize from the Dark Moon and add it to our hand. As the game progresses, we will be offered better Darkmoon prizes to play with. From immediate benefits to long-lasting effects, there are multiple rewards that can turn the screw into each game of Battlegrounds.

New Heroes for Hearthstone

Also, as we have highlighted in the title, this update incorporates more than just new ways to play in games. It also has new heroes that renew the game’s catalog without any doubt. Players will now be able to summon the power of the Old Gods with three new heroes and 10 minions to be added along with the new prize mechanics.

update hearthstone ancient gods battlegrounds

The new heroes correspond to the Old Gods, except only Yogg-Saron, because it was already available. Thus, his skills are as follows:

  • C’Thun: Glory to C’Thun! [Coste 2] – At the end of your turn, give + 1 / + 1 to a friendly minion. This effect repeats 0 times. (Improves after each use).
  • N’Zoth: Avatar of N’Zoth [Pasivo] – You start the game with a 1/1 fish that gets all of your Last Breaths in play.
  • Y’Shaarj: Surrender to your anger [Coste 2] – Start of combat: Add a minion from your tavern level to your lineup and keep it.

However, just as Hearthstone puts, Hearthstone takes away as well. And is that heroes like Galakrond has been removed from the list of available heroes in Battlegrounds, while Sir Finley Mrrgglton and the Great Akazamzarak have been reincorporated.