Hay Day tricks to improve your farm without spending money

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tricks there day

Farmville marked an era in farm management based mobile phone video games. And although many think that the players of this type of games got tired of the genre, they are wrong. There are thousands of people playing Hay Day and even more, many of those thousands ask us Hay Day tricks to advance better day by day, by community it will not be.

The video game can be played both on a mobile phone and on the Facebook social network, for that reason and because of how entertaining it is, we explain that it has so many active players today. Therefore, if you are a Hay Day player and you would like to know many tricks to move forward faster, you have reached the right article. We are going to touch on all the important tricks that have been discovered so far of the farm video game. With them you will get diamonds faster, get easier money, some rare objects and many others that we will tell you about.

Whether you are a fan or not and have come here in search of the perfect farm game, you’re in luck because you’re going to learn a lot. If you don’t have it yet, we’ll put a download link for you later, don’t worry. With these Hay Day tricks you will be able to create all the objects and foods that you would like to create on the farm. We go with them.

List of the best Hay Day tricks out there today

Hay Day

As we told you before, we are going to put together a good list of tricks, but not randomly and without more to fill in, simply the ones that we consider will ‘boosting’ you, that is, making you advance faster in the farm video game. These tricks are going to do mainly that you do not have to invest a euro in the farm, but not a euro of your portfolio, Sure. Because we already know that these video games are designed to get the quarters out of us by wanting to fast-forward. But we are smarter.

After all, you will always be able to play the video game, at either of the two rhythms, with and without tricks, but if you pay attention and finish the article, believe me you will go faster. Therefore we are not going to make you wait any longer since time is money and you should be gaining resources in Hay Day. Let’s go with the list of the best tricks for Hay Day.

How to get more diamonds on Hay Day?

It is not complicated and in fact there will be different ways to get them, do not worry. This may turn out to be the most important trick on Hay Day’s cheat list. That is why it will also be the trick that we dedicate the most time to, because as we say, it rents you a lot and learn how to use it and above all it rents to your real wallet. To begin we are going to break down where to get diamonds and then we are going to explain point by point how to get them in each of these sites.

To obtain diamonds on hay day You have to know and know how to use these types of objects and places:

  • Toolboxes
  • Cinema night
  • Fishing
  • Facebook Events
  • The Mine, the peaks, the TNT / dynamite
  • Gifts



The best thing you can do to get diamonds is to pull your friends, that is, visit their farms when you have them on your friends list and open all those toolboxes that they give you as a reward. To find all those boxes you will have to go around their town or city and not leave a single hole. In addition to diamonds, you will also find a lot of resources that will come in handy to advance in many things on the farm. It all adds up, even some wooden slats are good for you.

Cinema night

Apart from this, and going straight to the list, we start with the Cinema night. This It does not consist of anything other than viewing advertising within the app, neither more nor less. In exchange for that, they take a profit and you take diamonds. If you go to the entrance of your farm, near the post office, you can find a ticket to get diamonds and other objects in exchange for seeing advertising on movie night. You will only have to see trailers and spots so that they will then give you those tickets and exchange them for diamonds.


If we go to fishing, you have to know that it is a very good and fast way to get diamonds. You just have to throw the net into the sea and in this way you will find diamonds among other types of resources. If you are lucky you will get diamonds of course, in any case it will be good for you to collect everything that comes out. Just stop by the jetty.

Facebook Events

Another trick for the video game is stop by their official Facebook page. Hay Day developers usually publish news, in those posts they will occasionally put in-game rewards that you can collect, such as diamonds. In fact, when new updates come up, they usually give diamonds almost always.


Mina Hay day

Regarding the mine, the pickaxes, the TNT and the dynamite, you will use them to find diamonds all of them. In the mine you will find resources but to find resources, and among them diamonds, you must spend dynamite, shovels, pickaxes, TNT among others. In any case, rent that you go to the mine because you will leave with many resources for your ranja, among them gold and steel ingots. You are going to make a 2 × 1 between diamonds, gold, steel and other resources that will come from the same mine you are in.


Last in the list are the gifts. Gifts are basically one more way to get diamonds. Just taking a look at all the gifts that the game itself leaves you at your farm house would be enough. As a general rule they will be diamonds among other objects. In the end, it is a way of rewarding you for playing that the developers have implemented, that not everything is going to be working on the farm.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that from now on by applying the Hay Day tricks you will get many more diamonds and faster progress on the farm. See you in the next Android Help article.