Happy Easter 2018, original and funny phrases for WhatsApp or sms

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Here are the funniest and most original phrases that we have found on the net to send greetings to loved ones

How to wish Happy Easter and give a smile to friends and family. If imagination is lacking, or you simply don’t have the material time to write a greeting message to send your loved ones, do not be discouraged. Here are the most original and fun phrases that we have found on the Internet to send greetings on WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Intsagram, etc.

Classic greeting messages

  • “On this special day, try to overcome all sadness, love who is with you, marvel at life again. Happy Easter”.
  • “I would like to wish everyone an Easter that renews hope in hearts and makes even those who have lost it long ago smile again …”.
  • “Easter is feeling joy and hope in the heart, a warm sun that shines and illuminates.” “May love, joy and peace always be with you! Happy Easter”.
  • “On this very special day, I hope that you and your family fully enjoy the wonderful gifts that life can give you. Happy Easter “.

Funny phrases about Easter

A year consists of four seasons:
-What do you do at Easter?
-What do you do in August?
-What do you do on Halloween?
-What do you do on New Years Eve?

Christmas with yours. Easter, with rain.

Happy Easter to everyone who always finds a nit.

I never understood what is the use of putting the expiration date on the Easter egg.

It never comes until Tuesday.

The best surprise I have found in the Easter egg is another Easter egg.

Easter. God made himself an egg.
– Where do you have lunch at Easter?
– On Instagram.

May your life be full of certainties like the rain on Easter Monday

Happy Easter, religious quotes and phrases.

  • “Let us, this Easter, wash the eyes of the soul, to be able to see and do beautiful things.” French Pope.
  • “Let us go and let ourselves be surprised by this different dawn, let us be surprised by the novelty that only Christ can give. Let his tenderness and love move our steps, let the beat of his heart transform our weak beat ”. French Pope
  • “Easter is the event that brought a radical novelty to every human being, to history and to the world: it is the triumph of life over death, it is a celebration of awakening and regeneration.” French Pope
  • “You cannot live Easter without entering the mystery. To enter the mystery you need humility ”. French Pope
  • “From the risen Lord today we implore the grace not to yield to the pride that fuels violence and wars, but to have the humble courage of forgiveness and peace.” French Pope
  • “They will tell you that you are not enough. Do not be fooled, you are much better than they want you to believe ”Pope John Paul II
  • “We know well that what we do is just a drop in the ocean. But if this drop were not there, the ocean would be missing. May this Easter make you understand the importance of small things for big changes ”. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • “It is easy to love those who are far away. It is not always easy to love those who live close to us. Easter is precisely the most beautiful and meaningful time for you to discover the importance of your loved ones: may this be a day of rebirth for you and growth “. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • “Peace cannot reign among men if it does not reign first in the hearts of each one of them. May love be the most important value of your Easter ”. John paul ii
  • “To humanity that sometimes seems lost and dominated by the power of evil, selfishness and fear, the risen Lord offers as a gift his Love that forgives, reconciles and opens the soul to hope” (John Paul II);
  • “My best wishes for a Happy Easter, may Jesus also be reborn in our hearts.”
  • May the light of the risen Jesus disperse the darkness of heart and spirit! I want you to always feel that peace that gives serenity. Best wishes for a Happy Easter! ”.
  • “Easter is not a day like any other, but it is the day that if you want, you can be reborn to a new life. Happy Easter”.

Aphorisms and sayings about Easter

  • Easter is better than Christmas because Dad takes us to the Redemptorist church where all the priests wear white and sing. They are happy because Our Lord is in heaven. (Frank McCourt)
  • The period before Easter is the period in which life once again advances towards its fullness and, with this force so little understood today, it also pushes us to renew ourselves, to embrace the uncertain flow of life with a new vision. (Susanna Tamaro)
  • “You cannot bury the truth in a grave: this is the meaning of Easter” (Clarence W. Hall);
  • Vroccula and predicaturi doppu Pasca perdunu ‘u sapuri
  • (Broccoli and preachers lose their flavor after Easter, everything must be done at the right time!)
  • At Christmas, half a loaf; at Easter, half came.
  • For Easter and Christmas, nobody leaves their country house.
  • So desirable Easter, in a day passed.
  • There is a lot of talk about Easter that finally comes.

Easter greetings, an image to share on WhatsApp

happy easter-2

Happy Easter, a video of wishes

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(Heartbeat video, Facebook)

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