Guest mode on Android: so you can use it

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Android guest mode

Most Android users in Spain they have left their phone to someone else occasionally. Whether it is to make a call or use an application on the device, it is not uncommon for another person to have access or use your mobile at some point. Although when you lend your device you do not want the other person to enter where they should not.

If you want to prevent that person from opening your gallery or reading your messages in messaging applications, Android gives us several options. Not only the blocking of apps with a fingerprint, but we can also use the guest mode, which will let that person use the mobile from a guest account.

Guest mode on Android

Android Guest Mode

This guest mode is present in many Android mobile brands, although some like Samsung do not have this function. What this mode will do is open a guest account, which will allow someone else to use your smartphone. While using that guest account the other person will not have access to your files or documents, thus preventing him from going to see something you don’t want him to be able to see.

The other person will be able to use apps on the device, but without accessing your data. If you need to navigate or use a specific app, you can do so from that account. Nothing that person does will be saved on the phone. Once your session is over, you can return to your normal account and use your mobile again. To create a guest account you have to follow these steps (they can vary between layers).

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Go to Users and accounts (in some layers it is in System).
  3. Go to Users.
  4. Click on Add Guest.
  5. Give it a name.
  6. Wait for that account to be created.
  7. Use that account when someone else wants to use the phone.
  8. To exit that account, display the quick settings panel and click on the upper avatar.
  9. Select the account to use.

Guest Mode on Android

That person will be able to use that Android mobile, without having to use their Google account, for example. If you leave your phone to different people, you can create several guest accounts from the settings, so that those people will be able to use the device when they need it or leave it to them.

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