gReader returns to Android: it is updated again four years later

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Featured gReader

gReader is an RSS reader that many users in Spain surely remember. This reader enjoyed great popularity on Android, until it stopped updating at the beginning of 2017. Everything suggested that its journey in the market had come to an end, but surprisingly, four years later it was updated again.

After four years without any update, gReader makes its return to Android. This is version 5.0.1 of the application, where the design based on original Material Design is maintained, in addition to introducing a series of new functions that help bring this RSS reader to 2021.

gReader returns to Android

gReader interface

One of the keys to gReader in its day was its design, which is largely maintained in this new version. It is committed to an interface that makes it easy to use and read, also allowing the different news sources to be organized. It can also work in four ways: associated with Feedly, as a reader of locally stored feeds, with The Old Reader or Inoreader account. Everyone can choose their method.

Its creators have also introduced changes to modernize this RSS reader. There is a dark mode, which allows a more comfortable reading, better playback of videos and / or podcasts, in addition to a reading adapted to the phone screen. It also has features like automatic article download for offline reading, read aloud, features to customize its appearance, and more.

gReader ways to watch

With these changes its creators they hope to bring back lost users over the years. gReader was a hugely popular RSS reader on Android, but the lack of updates caused users to migrate to other options, like Feedly. Now they hope to regain some of their popularity in the market.


One of the novelties of this return is that we are now with a Pro version of this RSS reader. This version gives us the extended functions as well as remove the ads from it. You can bet on a subscription of 1.19 euros per month or 7.49 euros per year. For now it does not seem necessary to use this paid version.

The gReader entry returns to Android: it is updated again four years later, it appears first in The Free Android.