Google’s Files application introduces new controls to watch videos

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Google Files Go now unzips files and shares them faster

Files by Google is one of the best file management applications that we can download in Spain, and little by little it continues to evolve to be an application that is completely independent. Several weeks ago we knew about the arrival of secure folder or the management of PDF files, and now we know a new feature that comes to your multimedia player.

This feature was introduced in the last update of the application, but it was not available even if you had the latest version. Google has started rolling out the new feature, and now the files app has advanced multimedia gesture controls.

Files by Google is now a true media player

The world of multimedia players has never had much mystery, and it is that beyond supporting any format and codec, the only margin of innovation is found in the interaction we have with the players. Compared to computers or television, the smartphone has a different use system, such as management through touch screens, both in touches and gestures.

Google's Files application introduces new controls to watch videos 1Common media controls for Files by Google.

In the latest version, when we open a multimedia file in Google Files, it will not only be played with the usual controls, but we will also have brightness and volume control gestures, gestures available in almost any other application.

Google's Files application introduces new controls to watch videos 2Brightness controls.

When we are playing a video, if we slide up or down on the right side of the screen we can change the brightness level of the screen, while if we make this same gesture on the left side we can change the volume.

Google's Files application introduces new controls to watch videos 3In music files we will only have access to the volume by gestures.

Not only in video, since if we use the up or down gesture in audio files we can change the volume level. In this circumstance, it does not matter where we are on the screen, since as a music file does not need video controls we can change the volume anywhere on the screen.

Despite being a very important feature, the truth is that the controlsthey are a bit rough, and we hope that in future versions the change will be a little more fluid. If you have the updated application you should be able to use this function now, just try opening a media file.

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