Google’s camera app reveals the first details of the Pixel 6’s camera

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Google's camera app reveals the first details of the Pixel 6's camera 1

Despite the fact that Google Pixels do not have great popularity in Spain, the company usually stands out when it comes to the experience of updates on Android and photography. Even so, in this last aspect it has been lagging a little behind its direct rivals.

After an unambitious Pixel 5, we hope that the next Google mobile will make a leap in photography that will put this mobile back on the podium of mobile photography. And it seems that we have already begun to know the first details of their cameras.

The Google camera reveals the first details of its camera

Although in most mobiles we can know some of the key aspects prior to their presentation through the leaks, in other situations it is the source code of the applications that reveals some characteristics of the upcoming mobiles. This is what has happened recently with the Google camera application, which would reveal the first details of the next generation of Pixel phones.

Google's camera app reveals the first details of the Pixel 6's camera 2

As indicated in 9to5 Google, the Google camera application reveals some very interesting details. The first one is the arrival of 4K recording for the front camera. Although this detail does not seem to be of great importance (unless you record videos in 4K with your mobile camera), but it becomes especially important if we take into account a key factor, and that is that all Pixels since the first generation have included a 8 Mpx camera, resolutionunable for 4K.

With this data we can deduce that for the first time in a long time, Google would introducea new photographic sensor, at least for the selfie (we hope there will also be news in the rear camera, but we do not know many details about it). This sensor would also be located in the central area of ​​the screen.

Google Pixel 5 featuredNot even the Pixel 5 is capable of recording in 4K with its front camera due to the 8 Mpx of its sensor.

Although by calendar dates the closest mobile should be the Pixel 5A, it seems unlikely that this camera will be released in that model. The reason is because Google should not include a camera superior to that of the Pixel 5 in its cheaper variant, with this improvement being more likely to reach a Pixel 5 XL or Pixel 6.

Another aspect that discredits the Pixel 5A is that, beyond 4K recording, there would also be an improvement in the recording rate. Today, these capabilities are only possible with high-end processors, so it is most likely that the next Google mobile will return to the top in performance.

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