Google would be implementing a firewall in Android 12

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While many mobiles are still waiting for Android 11 there is less to know the first details of Android 12. As in previous years, it is expected that during this first quarter Google will launch the first preview of your next update.

There are already some Android 12 features confirmed by Google, such as better support for third-party app stores, or other filtered features like a new app hibernation. Now through the AOSP source code a possible firewall.

Restricted network mode in Android 12

In the source code of what would be Android 12 there are references to a new restricted network mode, or what is the same, a firewall that would cut off Internet access for unauthorized applications.

In its description in the AOSP, this feature informs that this mode is activated through the settings and that only applications with the permission android.permission.CONNECTIVITYUSERESTRICTED_NETWORKS they would have access to the network.

The problem is that that permission is currently only available to system apps from the manufacturer, so that what this restricted network mode would do would be to prevent downloaded third-party applications from connecting to the network, except for Google Play applications that use the Firebase Cloud Messaging service integrated in Google Play for their Push notifications Services, system application that does have that restricted network permission.

It is unknown if this feature will be a mode for developer options or if Google plans integrate a firewall in Android 12 more complete in which the user can block Internet access in certain applications just as applications such as NetGuard.

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Google would be implementing a firewall in Android 12

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Google would be implementing a firewall in Android 12 1

Google would be implementing a firewall in Android 12 2