Google works on a YouTube app for the Chromecast

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Google Chromecast

Thousands of users in Spain have a Google Chromecast at home, like the new one with Google TV. One of the possibilities that this device gives us is to stream locally to compatible devices, like sending videos from YouTube. Google seeks to make this function as complete as possible with a new interface that they are beginning to introduce, which is more like the Android TV player.

Until now, when sending content from your Android mobile from the YouTube app, the interface is practically the same as when this function was launched on the market. Google now transforms this option into a webapp, introducing a series of additional functions for a better experience.

New YouTube interface on Chromecast

YouTube Chromecast new screen

Google is testing a new screen when streaming to Chromecast from the YouTube app. Up to now the player gave few details about that content, they just gave the name of the channel, number of views, date and time. The new screen is inspired by the one we have on Android TV, so it gives us more information. Before we start playing the video we have this webapp.

This new player introduces a number of additional options, such as changing the resolution, showing or not showing subtitles in that video, being able to add videos to the queue of the playlist or access to additional statistics. This new screen is beginning to be shown already in some Chromecast Ultra and in the third generation normal model as well, but in a limited way.

These changes will help a better YouTube usability when streaming, in addition to reducing the differences with the application on Android TV, making the user have more possibilities when using this application, thanks to the additional functions that are going to be introduced, improving the experience.

It is not known when this change will arrive in the form of webapp to users. Users who were shown this new screen have seen how it disappeared shortly after being shown. This would indicate that it is still in an early development phase and we will have to wait a while until it arrives.

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