Google will track the coronavirus with smart watches

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Google will track the coronavirus with smart watches

Since the pandemic caused by the coronavirus began SARSCoV2 Many companies have tried to help create vaccines and are trying to control the spread of the virus. In the latter, both Apple and Google have helped by creating an interoperable protocol that allows mobile phones to be used to track possible contacts.

Now the Mountain View company is going one step further and is developing an update to Google Play Services, which will also allow exposure notifications to be used on smart watches.

More than 130 companies are collaborating to help track the coronavirus

Google will track the coronavirus with smart watches

Google already announced in August that it was in talks with many companies to make Wear OS smartwatches serve as people-tracking devices to help locate potential users exposed to the virus.

For this, the Bluetooth SIG Exposure Notification Working Group (ENWG) was created, with more than 130 members. Last month a draft was published to make this technology compatible with the dispatch of locators and make it possible to trace an infected contact.

The idea was to allow a bluetooth-equipped device to serve as a tracker, without having to be connected to the Internet, something that happens to many watches.

Well, in the latest update of the Google Play Services application, v20.50.14, we have seen strings of code that refer to this function so it is possible that Google will announce it officially in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, we remind you that the best thing you can do is install the COVID-19 tracking application on your phone and activate it properly.

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