Google will improve Wear OS in collaboration with OnePlus

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Google will improve Wear OS in collaboration with OnePlus

They have been intense weeks for Google in terms of partnerships, and especially with regard to the fruits obtained from them. A few days ago it was announced that your Qualcomm partnership agreement would produce sensible upgrade benefits for your mobile operating system, Android.

The North American alliance reported that as of next year, and thanks to certain changes made in the operating system code, specifically in its structure, access to up to four years of updates (system and security patches) to phones with a Qualcomm processor. Google’s next step will be to improve your system for smart watches, Wear OS.

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According to 9to5Google, Pete Lau has made a series of statements for Input magazine in which he announces that OnePlus is working closely with Google to improve Wear OS, its operating system for smart watches. The oriental company works with Google to improve communication between watches and Android phones and Android TV devices, although it has not explained exactly what this improvement consists of.

“Wear OS definitely has room for improvement. What we are trying to do is work with Google to improve connectivity between the Wear OS ecosystem, Android TV, and Android smartphones, to create the ability to improve interoperability between devices and between devices. the ecosystems.”

With the closing of the purchase of Fitbit by Google on the table, and the future construction of a smartwatch by OnePlus, Pete Lau has not related both concepts and Nor has he mentioned that the future OnePlus watch will carry Wear OS as an operating system. Nor has he referred to future devices directly related to sports, such as smart bracelets.

“This work has been viewed very positively by Google so this is the direction that we are trying to move forward and develop, but we don’t have more than we can share about it at this time.”

Thus, Lau leaves on the table the collaboration agreement between OnePlus and Google to improve Wear OS in order to communicate with other ecosystems in the house of Google, such as Android on mobile phones and Android TV on multimedia devices. We will be attentive to possible future announcements arising from this agreement. And to the news about future OnePlus watches, because Wear OS may appear at some point in the equation.

Via | 9to5Google

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Google will improve Wear OS in collaboration with OnePlus

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Google will improve Wear OS in collaboration with OnePlus 1

Google will improve Wear OS in collaboration with OnePlus 2