Google will improve the split screen in Android 12 with App Pairs

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Android 12 will arrive in the second half this year to Spain and these weeks we are beginning to get information about the new functions that this version of the operating system will have. One of them is the new way to share a WiFi network or the hibernation of applications. The split screen has been a feature that has been around for a long time, but it will improve significantly in this version.

Users can use split screen to have two applications open at the same time on your mobile, although this feature leaves much to be desired. Google will improve it in Android 12 with the introduction of App Pairs, with which they seek to get closer to the layering system such as Samsung’s One UI.

Android 12 will have a better split screen

One UI Samsung split screen


Despite the fact that recent Android phones have that split-screen mode, the way in which this mode is activated and its behavior varies considerably between layers of customization. The process is something that is not intuitive, because first you have to open the recent apps view, long-touch an icon and then choose split screen. Then you can choose a second app, while the first stays on top.

Google is looking to make this process much simpler in Android 12 with the introduction of App Pairs. This feature will allow users choose two recent apps and pair them, so that they open directly in split screen mode. The process would become much simpler this way, with fewer intermediate steps.

It is not known at the moment how Google plans to make this system work, although it seems that it would be similar to the existing function in Samsung’s One UI, which allows you to open two applications at the same time in split screen. Also layers like EMUI have a function with which to start the split screen mode with a recent view button and then select the apps. Android 12 could introduce some of them.

Android 11 split screen

It is clear that Android 12 will improve that split screen mode, although the chosen method or the specific operation is not yet known. Maybe in the first preview version for developers, which could be coming in February, let’s learn more about this feature and see how it works.

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