Google warms up for Android 12 and has already taken the first step

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A large part of the mobiles that are sold in Spain usually come with the latest or penultimate version of Android, versions that over the months end up being replaced as Google launches new Android updates. The company tends to us to release a big annual update, updates that usually arrive approximately between August and September.

The company has updated us with a process in which they start releasing previous versions several months before, and the first version of 2021 is already falling. Google is already making preparations for it, and they have just taken the first step.

The application that anticipates Android 12 is now ready

Although many of us are receiving the version of Android 11 during these weeks, the update process follows a series of very firm guidelines. Android manufacturers start working on their updates once Google releases the final version between August and September, but in the previous months we always have the opportunity to test it in advance.

Google warms up for Android 12 and has already taken the first step 1This was the Android 11 release schedule.

The planning that Google has for these versions usually begins with the first launch approximately between February and March in what is known as Developer Preview, versions that still need a lot to polish and are designed for developers. Later, in May, we usually see the Beta version of Android, a version that is almost finished and which has little work to do.

A fundamental part of these development versions is the Android Beta application. This application is used so that users who try the early versions are able to propose suggestions and report errors.

Google warms up for Android 12 and has already taken the first step 2Via 9to5 Google.

This application is used only during the beta periods of Android, being usual that from the launch of the final version until the beginning of the next beta is inactive. As we are up to date and they have updated the application, we can conclude that the launch of the first Android 12 Developer Preview will arrive in a matter of weeks.

The entry Google starts engines for Android 12 and has already taken the first step, it appears first in The Free Android.