Google wants to speed up the download of apps on new mobiles

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Analyzing mobile phones almost weekly has advantages and disadvantages. Among the first, being able to try different mobiles, different approaches of the brands to Android or different sizes of smartphones.

Among the drawbacks, undoubtedly one of the main ones is configure a mobile from scratch. There are many people who are surprised when I tell them that what they hate so much, transferring data from one mobile to another, putting users, passwords, what they do every two or three years, I do it two or three times a month.

But it is also annoying to restore the applications, not so much because of the configuration but because of the wait of more than an hour sometimes for them to be downloaded.

Google wants to modify the download of apps

Google wants to speed up the download of apps on new mobiles

Now we have learned that within Google they are studying to improve this process in two ways within the Play Store, which is also being redesigned in other sections.

For one thing, they could change the network usage priority in the applications that are downloaded from the Play Store when we configure a new mobile. This would make this process faster by increasing bandwidth.

On the other hand, it would also be possible prioritize applications that we have used more in the previous mobile, leaving until the end those that we use less. In this way, for example, WhatsApp would be one of the first to be downloaded. Many times I have been waiting for it to be available to start importing the chat backup with such bad luck that perhaps it was one of the last to download.

However, these two possibilities have not yet been confirmed and on XDA, which is where the news has been echoed, they indicate that they could either not arrive or do so within months. Perhaps even in the next major version of Android, almost a year from now.

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