Google voice recorder prepares to backup to Drive

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Google voice recorder prepares to backup to Drive

Following the latest update to the Pixel’s native recorder, which brought new editing tools for audios and transcripts, the app prepares to include a function that aims to become basic: backup to Google Drive. In this way you will not have to manually export the audios as they will be automatically backed up in the cloud.

The Google Pixel have a version of Android ‘almost pure’ to which the company provides some exclusive applications, like the launcher, wallpapers, the camera app and the audio recording. These applications have exclusivity for those mobiles and even for certain models, such as the most recent Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a 5G. For example, your audio recorder has released edit modes. And soon it will add a backup system.

Automatic backup and restoration on another mobile

Google Backup Recorder Appearance of the new backup options on the recorder. Screenshots of XDA Developers

Google Recorder is a simple and very functional application. It allows to record the audio and transcribe everything that is said. Besides, now also makes it easy to edit these audios, even from the transcribed text itself. With this simplicity, and the associated effectiveness, it is logical that Google Pixels accumulate dozens of audio notes, often very important for the user. Hence, having a backup system is always a good idea.

Just like has discovered XDA Developers, the Google Pixel recorder is preparing to include the backup in Google Drive. This novelty has been entered in the application code for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5G. At the moment it is not active, but they have been able to force the function to discover its operation.

Once the backup is active, the user will be able to choose whether to back up all the audios in their Google account. It is possible to choose any of the telephone accounts to carry out the process; and this will be done automatically when there are new audios to save. It is possible to choose if they are only supported by WiFi, this way mobile data will be saved. And, by setting up a new Google Pixel, the recorder will be able to restore the backup so that you have the audio notes on the brand new phone. Also, every time a voice memo is deleted the recorder will choose whether to delete it from the phone or also from Google Drive.

The recorder will perform backups automatically on WiFi or also with mobile data, it depends on how the settings are selected

The novelty has already been included in the Google recorder, but at the moment it does not work. It will arrive first at the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, surely later the rest of the phones will also be updated.

Via | XDA Developers

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Google voice recorder prepares to backup to Drive

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