Google TV introduces profiles for children and limits of daily use

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Google TV kids profiles

Google TV seeks to get closer to families with a series of new functions that Google announces today and will also reach Spain. The firm seeks to introduce a series of new family-oriented functions, such as the ability to create profiles for children. This will allow each child to have an individual profile within the parent’s Google account.

This new function seeks allow children to always have available and visible appropriate content, in addition to preventing that when parents access Google TV, they get all that content from their children, who recently used their account. A division is created between both types of profiles.

Profiles for kids on Google TV

Google TV kids profiles

Parents may add a profile indicating name and age of each child or add a new account, both ways will be valid for the creation of said profile for your children. Parents will be allowed to choose which apps to add to that child profile. Google will introduce a series of recommendations with applications that are appropriate for children, so that they are always available. In addition, with Play Family Library they can share access to series or movies that you have purchased on other devices.

Children’s profiles on Google TV have vivid colors and fun illustrations. It will allow you to customize the background, choosing a theme that is more suitable for those children, with many options available. In the coming weeks the possibility of creating an avatar will also be introduced, so that they can choose a photo based on their interests.

It is not the only news that they leave us on Google TV, because parental controls introduced with which to limit the time that children spend in front of the screen per day. By setting the hours when the TV will turn off, when that moment approaches, you will be shown a countdown, so you know that the moment has come. In addition, parents are allowed to lock their profile, so that children do not access and thus avoid those time limits.

Google TV time limits

These new profiles for kids will be released on the Chromecast with Google TV, as well as other devices that use this version, this month in the United States. It is expected that over the next few months they will be launched in the rest of the world, although no specific dates have been given for their arrival in Spain.

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