Google TV has arrived to take the place of Android TV

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Google tv

Yesterday a great Google event was held, which left us with a multitude of news. One of them was Google TV, which is integrated into the brand’s new Chromecast. Pending its launch in Spain this month, the company’s plans for this new generation are already clear and directly affect Android TV. Since there are going to be many changes.

Although Android TV has grown notably these years, the lack of Google’s own hardware cast doubt on the future of this operating system. The launch of the new Chromecast with Google TV presents a series of answers about this future, in which it seems clear that it will replace Android TV.

Google TV will replace Android TV

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Technically, Google TV is Android TV, as it is based on Android TV 10. Although in this case it is not simply a variation designed for Google’s own hardware. Rather, we are facing the platform that the company will use on its devices and that will be available to third parties as well. This is something that is going to start from next year.

As of 2021, it will look like Google TV will appear on more devices. It will start in Android TV partner boxsets, dongles and smart TVs, as Google already confirms. In addition, it is expected that in 2022 all new Android TV devices will make use of the new platform. The current Android TV devices are going to update to this new bet of the firm, or they will be able to obtain some of its functions.

Therefore, for a time both will exist side by side. How this will happen, with new or current hardware, will be up to the manufacturers. For now it is not known how they have companies like NVIDIA, TCL and others thought to adapt Google TV on their devices. Sony is the first that it has been confirmed that it will make use of it, starting next year.

Google TV interface

The new Google TV experience provides a home screen with a new look, which also integrates your applications, suggested content, access to YouTube TV and more. The first Chromecast with this new version will be officially launched on October 15 in Spain, as announced at the event yesterday.

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