Google trolls Apple: iPhone 12 Magsafe charger works on Pixel 5

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Google trolls Apple: iPhone 12 Magsafe charger works on Pixel 5 1

Last week we were able to meet in Spain the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and Pro Max, mobiles that have already begun to be sold and that without being a great revolution, included some unique additions about which we already talked in our summary of the event. One of the best looking was the new Magsafe chargers, a huge improvement on conventional Qi wireless charging.

The Magsafe charger, far from being exclusive to the iPhone 12, is also compatible with Android phones. And in the case of the Pixel 5, thanks to a Google trick, it is magnetically coupled, exactly like the new iPhone. But how is it possible?

The Magsafe charger works with a Pixel 5 as if it had been designed for it

Wireless charging is one of the areas in which there has been more evolution in recent years. Beyond charging the mobile by leaving it on a base, we have seen how this charge can be used to charge accessories with your mobile, that it is possible to reach very fast speeds, or in the case of the iPhone, that it is possible to make the connection even more convenient using magnets (because everything improves with magnets).

Watch video

The YouTube channel zollotech has made a small test of the new Apple charger, a charger that, far from using proprietary technology, relies on the Qi standard and whose only special value is in the use of a magnetic washer to easily attach it to it. iPhone and not peel off.

Google trolls Apple: iPhone 12 Magsafe charger works on Pixel 5 2

This gave us to think that it would be compatible with any device with a Qi charge, and indeed it is. In the video we see at 4:25 minutes how when posing an AirPods case with wireless charging, they begin to charge without problem. Naturally, since it is not a device prepared for Magsafe, it does not stick to the charger and is susceptible to loosening or not charging if we keep it incorrectly positioned. But there is an Android device that does, the Pixel 5.

Google trolls Apple: iPhone 12 Magsafe charger works on Pixel 5 3

One of Google’s secrets with the Pixel 5 is thatit is made of aluminum, but it still supports wireless charging. Normally this would not be possible, since aluminum does not allow the transfer of Qi charge, but to make it compatible, the area of ​​the Pixel 5 in which the necessary coils are is made of plastic. As this is the case, the iPhone 12 charger can charge it, and the magnets are attached to the Google mobile.

Currently the Pixel 5 is a mobile that is not officially sold in Spain, and acquiring a Magsafe charger costs a whopping 45 euros, so it is very unlikely that you will end up opting for such an exotic combination.

But at least you already know that if you can, you want to.

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