Google Speaker LEDs Guide: What Each One Means

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Table of Contents

Google Speaker LEDs Guide: What Each One Means

Something we have gotten used to in recent years in Spain is interacting with smart speakers. Both Google and Amazon have brought most of their products to our country.

In the case of Google, there is a device that has sold much more than the rest, the Google Home Mini or Nest Mini, as its successor is called.

If you have one, sure that at some point you have seen the LEDs blink in some strange way that you have not been able to identify. We tell you what each LED means. This is also applicable to Nest Audio that has been presented recently.

Google Speaker LEDs Guide: What Each One Means

Google speaker LEDs guide

There are four LEDs that may or may not turn on at the same time. Based on that and the color we have to understand different things:

  • Four white LEDs: The command Ok Google has been detected and the question is awaited.
  • Four white LEDs that dim: After the Ok Google command, no question or command was detected.
  • White LEDs move from left to right: the assistant is thinking.
  • White LEDs move from left to right and vice versa: the assistant is connecting to the Wifi.
  • White LEDs turn on and off from left to right: the wizard is updating.

Google Speaker LEDs Guide: What Each One Means

  • White LEDs blink: the wizard is responding. If you don’t hear it, check the volume.
  • White LEDs blink slowly: An alarm or timer is sounding.
  • White LEDs blink slowly: the speaker is ready to be configured.
  • Four white LEDs blink twice and then dim: A command is executed but there is no response command. For example, when we run a routine in the same room we are in.
  • Four white LEDs: The microphone is muted.
  • A solid white LED for several minutes: there is a notification. We can use the command “Ok Google, what’s up?” to know what it is.
  • Two solid red LEDs– An update is taking longer than necessary to install. In this case, this action would have to be performed.

As you can see, there are many options when trying to understand what our speaker wants to tell us with its four front lights, but with this short guide it will be easy to find out.

The entry Guide to the LEDs of Google speakers: what each one means appears first in The Free Android.