Google solves your problem of facial recognition for all of the Pixel 4

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One of the most important changes of the Pixel 4 was the abandonment of the fingerprint reader in order to bet the full in a facial recognition system advanced, using a technology with multiple sensors to the style of the ID Face of the iPhone.

While this system offers great convenience and security, the software was not sufficiently polished, and had a great weak point, as was the power to unlock your mobile even if you had your eyes closed. Google already fixed this error in the DP2 Android 11, but in this occasion already offered the update for all over the world.

The update of April improves the facial recognition of the Pixel 4

Is it a security problem that the Google Pixel 4 can be unlocked when you have your eyes closed? Although in the majority of cases is not a serious problem, the truth is that it leaves a possibility to be very serious, and is someone to be able to take your mobile phone while you sleep and unlock it without your permission, without even knocking.

Users of the Pixel 4 take months taking this security issue and Google has finally decided to put an end to the waiting. Having reached this function in the second Developer Preview Android 11, at the end we can have this new feature without having to install the beta.

Google solves your problem of facial recognition for all of the Pixel 4 1

What do you get? for updating the mobile. This feature has been implemented in the latest update of Android 10 with the security patch April of 2020, a version that Google has begun to unfold in the last few hours.

What is more possible is that in the next few days to automatically update your mobile while it charges and you will only need to restart it, but in case you want to try it just go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> system Update. Just check for updates and it should already be available.

In addition to this addition, Google has fixed the Bluetooth problems present in the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, 3A, Pixel 4 and its variants XL.

The entry Google solves your problem of facial recognition for all of the Pixel 4 is listed first in The Android Free.