'Google Smartwatch' is the new tagline of Wear OS

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Google 'Smartwatch' is the new tagline of Wear OS

It is more than two years Android Wear was replaced and renewed completely under the new brand Wear OS by Google, even though almost all of the world, for short, simply says Wear OS. Well, this name is now a little more lake, has gained a new last name.

During these last few days Google has been adding the tag Google Smartwatch or Google Smartwatches in several pages of Wear OSalthough for the time being in the logo have not made any changes.

Wear OS by Google Smartwatch

Play Store

These changes can be checked on the English pages of the tab of the applications of Wear OS in the Play Store and the App Store. While in the store Google puts “Wear OS by Google Smartwatch” in the Apple store appears a separator between the Google brand and the word Smarwatch.

App Store

On the official website of wear I appears the tagline “Google Smartwatches”, because on that page, what appears is many watches launched in the market by its partners. Google currently has not released its own clock.

Wear Os

It is unknown why the change of your brand Wear OS by Google Smartwatchcould be to make it clear a lot more than Wear is for Smartwatches, and that these lead to an operating system designed and updated by Google, and that any watch Wear it as if it were a Google Watch. It is either a strategy of SEO for when Google close down during the next few weeks or months the purchase of Fitbitso having already much better positioned your brand and the terms Google Smartwatch.

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Google ‘Smartwatch’ is the new tagline of Wear OS

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'Google Smartwatch' is the new tagline of Wear OS 1

'Google Smartwatch' is the new tagline of Wear OS 2