Google shuts down another service, one that now makes more sense than ever

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Google was born a little over two decades as a small startup, as did Amazon and Facebook. But it is actually a giant that acquired other companies whenever you believe that you have an idea of useful or can be dangerous.

That is what I did in June of 2018 Google, which bought a company called Neighbourly, which was designed to perform and answer questions on a localized area of a city. The idea was to bring the hyper-mobile.

This was one of the promises of the social networks a few years ago, but it seems that we have gone from the most public to the core much more closed, as are the chats of WhatsApp.

Google closes Neighbourly

Google shuts down another service, one that now makes more sense than ever

The idea of this app was to be able to know more about our neighborhood, thanks to certain profiles, which are positioned as experts.

It seems that the idea has not worked well because the company of Mountain View has announced that it closed this service, which was only available in India. Has been using an e-mail to its users, which read:

We launched Neighbourly as an app Beta to connect with your neighbors and make that share local information to be more human and useful. As a community, have joined together to celebrate local festivals, to share critical information during floods and respond to more than a million questions … But Neighbourly has not grown as we had hoped. In these difficult times, we believe that we can help more people by focusing on other Google applications that are already serving millions of people every day.

It seems that the idea of micro social networks has not been a success, at least couple Google. We’ll see if there are other applications that can do this idea something massive, something that would be useful in times in which the confinement is spreading at the same speed as the virus itself.

Perhaps in a few months a company will be able to make the key for this type of social networking or information more relevant and useful.

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