Google reinvents its smart displays: dark mode and much more

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Among the speaker and smart display options available in Spain, the Amazon Echo is one of the options that have the greatest lead. However, Google is not willing to give up and is working on new improvements for its devices.

While the latest to arrive is a full-fledged speaker, Google is putting heavy emphasis on Google Assistant displays like the Nest Hub as well. These screens are receiving a series of news to offer a better user experience, which you will receive on your current devices.

The 10 most outstanding improvements that will reach the screens with Google Assistant

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Google is willing for screens with Google Assistant to continue improving, and it is that from today they are beginning to roll out an update that will reach screens such as the Nest Hub. This update comes loaded with news, and Google itself has decided to detail all the new features that arrive. Specifically, there are 10 main ones that will be available:

Google reinvents its smart displays: dark mode and much more 1

  1. New screen for the day: From now on, when you get up, an item called “Your morning” will appear, which will update around midday and afternoon. If you click on it, you will receive relevant information depending on the time of day, such as news or information on calendar events.
  2. Entertainment features:A multimedia section that suggests videos or music from streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney +, YouTube or Spotify.
  3. Home control page:Control your home devices from the touch screen.
  4. Communication tool:Communicate more easily with Meet, Duo and soon Zoom.
  5. Screen to discover wizard functions:Very useful to discover new wizard commands.
  6. Multiple Google accounts in the same section.
  7. Smart camera: Exclusive function for the Google Nest Hub Max, which when using the camera will follow our position to always have us centered.
  8. Dark mode:The fashion design line on mobile phones, now on your smart screen. The entire interface will change color to show a less luminous style.
    • This mode allows the screen to be permanently in light, dark or two automatic modes, being able to choose whether to activate the dark mode depending on the ambient light or for dusk.
  9. Shortcuts to relaxing sound modes.
  10. Sunrise alarm:30 minutes before sunrise, the screen will gradually start to light up. We can also choose the tone depending on the day and tell it to stop without having to say Ok Google.

As usual in this type of device, the update should reach the screens with Google Assistant automatically and without you having to do anything. Keep in mind that this type of deployment is done progressively, so it may take several days to reach your device.

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