Google redesigns its search engine on Android to facilitate searches

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Google new search

Millions of Android users in Spain use the Google search engine to perform searches from your smartphone. Last fall, the firm introduced a series of improvements with which to make searches easier. The company is now announcing a major change in the appearance of the mobile search page, betting on a simpler design.

The new design that Google introduces focuses on making easier to read information that we find in the results. A cleaner and more intuitive design, which allows easier reading and which will be launched on both Android and iOS devices.

New design for Google search on Android

Google search new interface

The new layout for Google search on mobiles has already been announced by the company itself. It is a simpler design, which has been somewhat complex for the American firm. This redesign has been based on five points or areas, which are what have motivated the firm to introduce this new design.

  1. Information focus: These search results are intended to allow people to focus on the information rather than the design elements around it. The experience is simpler and information is accessed more quickly.
  2. Make reading easier: Larger and bolder text is used, which helps the human eye to understand the results more easily. In addition, the titles in sections and results are larger and more Google’s own fonts are used, which allow greater consistency with other products and apps of the company.
  3. More space: The new design separates the results better, so that more space is given, especially visually. This allows the user to “breathe” between results without being overwhelmed by the large amount of text or information on the screen.
  4. Colors: Colors are used to highlight what is important. Color is used to purposefully guide the eye to the most important information, thus avoiding distractions. It will help us move better between results.
  5. New logo: The Google logo is somewhat more rounded in this case and it can be seen that in different sections this rounded effect has been taken, as in photos or icons, thus maintaining coherence with the logo.

This new design It is already being launched in the app on Android and iOS, although it will still take a few days to reach all users. The new version is already launched in the Play Store.

Google redesigns its search engine on Android to facilitate searches 1

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