Google Podcasts updates its website with one of the best functions of the app

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Google Podcasts is an application that continues to gain presence in Spain and that last year introduced a multitude of new functions, such as the integration of RSS or automatic downloads. The first days of the new year leave us with a new improvement, this time in the web version of this service.

Google is updating the Subscriptions page in the web version of Podcasts. This page will now show more information, apart from those podcasts to which you are currently subscribed. An improvement that many have been waiting for a long time.

Google Podcasts improves the Subscriptions section

Google Podcasts latest web episodes

In the Subscriptions section in Google Podcasts, users can see at any time the podcasts to which they are subscribed. This section provides you with an overview of all the podcasts that you follow, in case you want to enter a specific one or want to cancel your subscription in one of them, for example. This is the section that Google updates.

The renovated section now shows the latest podcast episodes to which you are subscribed. So you will only have to enter that page to see if those podcasts have a new episode available, instead of having to search for it in the app. The process is made much easier for users in this web version of the application.

This is a function that was already present in the Android version of Google Podcasts, so it is important that it be launched now in the web version of this service. The design is the same as we have in the Android application, to maintain consistency between both platforms. In this list of most recent episodes, you will be able to see the name of that chapter, the duration, when it was published and a brief description of the content of that episode, as well as being able to play it now.

If you use the web version of Google Podcasts, you will now be able to see this renewed Subscriptions section, where the most recent episodes of those podcasts to which you are subscribed are now shown.

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