Google Play Music says goodbye permanently: the app stops working

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Google Play Music closing featured

The goodbye of Google Play Music has been brewing for a few months now, since it was confirmed that YouTube Music was going to be his replacement. In these months, users in Spain have been able to see that the application has been losing functions, such as the closure of its music store a little over a week ago.

The end of the application is already a reality, because Google Play Music stops working on Android. If you open the application, you are only given the possibility to transfer your music to YouTube Music or proceed to download all your data, such as the songs you have in your account in the application.

Goodbye to Google Play Music

Google Play Music shutdown

When you open Google Play Music on your phone, you get a screen with the application logo, which then becomes the YouTube Music logo. Below this logo the end of the application is announced, as well as two buttons, with two options: transfer your music to YouTube Music or manage your data. The second option allows you to download the data, as well as delete your entire music library, for example.

These weeks it was sensed that Google was going to close the application permanently very soon. Therefore, users were recommended to download their songs as soon as possible, before this imminent closure. At the moment it is still possible to download your songs, as well as transfer them all to YouTube Music, if you want to use this application on your phone, as a substitute.

Not only does the Google Play Music Android app shut down, also its web version has stopped working. In that version we find the same situation, where we are allowed to transfer all the music to YouTube Music or we can download it to the computer then. Again, users are asked to hurry to do this, to ensure that they do not lose anything upon closing the application.

Google Play Music transfer music to YouTube Music

After nine years in the market, it’s time to say goodbye to this Google application. A favorite application for many Android users and now replaced by YouTube Music. The good part is that YouTube Music has been updating with many of the Play Music features, such as uploading your own music.

The Google Play Music entry says goodbye permanently: the app stops working, it appears first in The Free Android.