Google Play Movies offer free movies with ads

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Google Play Movies offer free movies with ads

Over a year ago Google left to compete against Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and the newly launched Disney+, whose applications we have compared. The company gave back up with the intentions of converting YouTube Premium in another subscription payment for watching series and movies originalea, betting on the free content in exchange for advertising.

Now those free content also seems they’re going to get Google Play Movies. The source code of the latest version of your application already makes references to free movies with ads.

Free movies with ads

Youtube Free Movies YouTube already offers free in-house movies in the united States

From the end of 2018, YouTube already offers movies free with advertisements in United Statesshowing along the full-length ads by mimicking the conventional television. Now it seems that such a model will also Google Play Movies.

The version 4.18.37 already has references to the phrases “Hundreds of free movies, only with a few announcements”, “Free with ads” or “View free ads”. Yes, make no reference to the countries in which it would be available in the free movies.

To day of today, the free videos of YouTube are available only in the united Stateswith what we from other countries have to use a VPN to be able to see them, being movies very old most of the titles you can see without paying. Therefore, and except for surprise, it seems that the free movies from Google Play Movies would also be a novelty that would stay in the united States. In the rest of the world for the moment we can only rent and buy movies in both YouTube and in Google Play.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

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Google Play Movies offer free movies with ads

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