Google Play Games tests a folder on the desktop to launch apps quickly

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The app that records the use of games and allows you to log into them plans to update with a curious novelty: the smart folder with title launcher. Google Play Games It will show the latest apps played and will allow them to be opened instantly without the obligation to access the aforementioned service. Directly from the desktop.

Google Play Games, the entertainment section of Android that brings together installed games and also instant ones, featured at Google I / O 2013, almost eight years ago. During that time we have seen Play Juegos grow to become a great service with which challenge friends, share game progress between different devices and also with which to facilitate the registration in the new titles. It is not one of the Google Apps that accuses more news, but that does not imply that the company is left with crossed keys.

Smart folder with all games installed

Google Play Games Appearance of the new folder accessible by holding down the Play Games icon. Screenshots of XDA Developers

The latest version of Google Play Games has a juicy novelty in its code: the folder with access to all installed titles. This function is not yet active, a fact that did not prevent XDA Developers discovered it after unraveling the APK. With this new folder it will be much more convenient to organize the games and launch them from the same place.

Most manufacturers already include a game mode on their mobiles with a launcher that collects the titles that are installed. This launcher does not usually work correctly since it does not usually distinguish all the downloaded titles; which usually forces to add them manually.

Google Play Games Appearance of the shortcuts currently offered by Play Games when clicking on their shortcut

Google Play Games knows which installed apps are games. Within its menu it categorizes all its titles in order of use, it also suggests other games based on what was previously downloaded or according to what our friends play, for example. And with the interactive folder Google pretends that we can access the games without even opening Play Games: the application will sort them by our preference automatically.

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The new games folder is a notable improvement over the shortcuts that Play Games offers when you press and hold on its shortcut. Once it starts working, it will not be necessary to organize the installed games in a folder since Google Play Games can take care of it– Your folder will collect them automatically; it will also offer suggestions in the folder if the user so wishes.

At the moment we will have to wait for the new smart folder to be activated, it only appears at the code level. The safest thing is that Google will make it appear in the near future from its servers.

Via | XDA Developers

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Google Play Games tests a folder on the desktop to launch apps quickly

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