Google Photos makes it easy to zoom in on videos with its new gestures

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Google Photos is a widely used app in Spain, that these past months have left us with a multitude of new functions. After the cinematic photos or its integration with Maps, the app now leaves us with a long-awaited function. The application makes it possible to use gestures on the screen when we are playing videos, to perform certain actions.

Being able to zoom in on videos that we see in Google Photos will be much easier with these gestures. A simple gesture of pinching on the screen or a double tap on it will allow us to zoom in on a video, as has happened so far with static images.

Google Photos makes it easy to zoom in on videos

Google Photos zoom

For some unknown reason pinch gesture in videos it was not available in Google Photos. The good news is that this gesture is finally introduced into the application and will reach all Android users in the coming days. This gesture will allow a much more comfortable video playback on the phone.

Using this new feature is not complicated. Within the application you will only have to play any video, in order to enlarge the size of the reproduction by doing that pinch gesture on the screen. If you want to reduce it, you can do the same gesture again. In addition, the application also allows you to use a double click, which will increase the zoom, and reduce it if we do that gesture again.

Watch video

These gestures can help you better appreciate some details in the video, especially something that is happening in the background. In addition, the advantage is that it can be used with any video that you play in the application, regardless of its ratio or resolution. Of course, the zooming effect will not always be beneficial, if there is poor quality video.

This feature is already launching in Google Photos, although it is an update that is released server-side. The only thing you can do is wait for your device’s turn to come.

Google Photos makes it easy to zoom in on videos with its new gestures 1

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