Google Photos is already implementing its new storage system

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It must be said that not everything is bad news. As you probably already know, from that date each user will have 15 GB of free space shared between all its services. However, all the files that we have saved in the cloud with a date before this, will not count towards the new storage limit. Of course, you should keep in mind that documents, spreadsheets and slide shows will.

Google Photos is already beginning to warn of the new system

Google Photos storage

Once you exceed the storage cap in Google Photos, you will have to pay a subscription in Google One to enjoy more space. If you haven’t uploaded some files yet and you want to keep them, you have to do it now if you don’t want them to count towards the new cap. In fact, the Mountain View company is already informing its customers of the new implementation of its service by email. On the other hand, he has also created an entry on his blog at The Keyboard.

At the entrance, in addition to showing gratitude throughout the five years that this service has lasted, they warn that any photo or video that we have uploaded in high quality before June 1, 2021, will not count towards the 15 GB of storage in Google Photos. This means that these files will still be considered free and will be exempt from this cap, a rather interesting aspect that many will appreciate, especially professional photographers.

On the other hand, you will notice that the label that measures the storage quality of “High quality” will change for “Storage saver”. However, the actual compression of your files will not be affected. It will also show us an estimated level of how long it will take to use all the space based on the frequency of use and the number of backups you have made.

Finally, the app will also launch a new tool that will sort photos and videos into new categories. We will meet some like “Large photos and videos” Y “Blurred photos”, being able to access them from the tab Storage of your account. One missing feature is that it doesn’t have a duplicate file remover, although this feature may be coming soon.