Google Photos enhances your memories with new themed memories

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Google Photos is one of the most used Google applications in Spain. They recently improved their photo and video editor with new features, as well as introducing features such as cinematic photos. The application now focuses on memories, which now get memories based on themes, not just dates.

Memories in Google Photos are based on images you took on a certain date in the past, a year before, or earlier. The application now also introduce theme-based memoriesSuch as photos at sporting events or photos of food, for example. They are starting to show already.

Google Photos releases new memories

Google Photos themed memories

Some Google Photos users have started see these new themed memories in the application now. There are some of photos in sports stadiums, called Roar of the stadium (roar of the stadium), others with photos of beaches titled Sand and sea (sand and sea) or photos with food and desserts baptized as Tasty treats (tasty treats).

Instead of being based on a specific date, these new memories group images of a specific topic. It is a way of looking back on those moments that you have lived, such as football games, beach vacations or desserts that you have cooked or eaten in some places.

Google Photos new memories themes

At the moment there are few users in the application that have these new themed memories, but it seems that they are expanding somewhat in these last hours. So Google may be testing this feature in the app before releasing it generally shortly, although the company has not confirmed anything about these new memories at the moment.

Memories have been gaining prominence in Google Photos, which you can configure to your liking in addition. Now, they are not based only on dates, but the application will automatically group images that meet a certain theme. It remains to be seen if they will soon reach all users on Android.

Google Photos enhances your memories with new themed memories 1

The Google Photos entry enhances your memories with the new themed memories appears first in Free Android.