Google phone will record calls from unknown numbers automatically

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The Google phone app It has become an essential app for many users in Spain. Although not everyone can download it, there are ways to have it on any Android mobile. This application has been introducing many new features, aimed at protecting users, such as telling you why a company calls you.

It’s been a while since the Google Phone app I recovered the call recording, which is already available for some phones, such as the Pixel or Nokia models. This feature will continue to evolve with further enhancements, which are expected to come to the app soon.

Google phone will record calls from unknown numbers


It was XDA who has been able to see that in the new version of the app, with number 59, there is a line of code that gives more information about that next function. Google Phone will automatically record calls from unknown numbers, phone numbers that you do not have saved in your agenda. Users can activate this function in the app, or have it deactivated, depending on what they want.

Recordings will only be stored on the phone, so it is not a function that poses a risk to user privacy. Also, before said recording begins, all participants will be notified in the same that the call will be recorded. If one person does not want to be recorded, they can cancel the call or ask the other person not to record the call.

Google Phone will therefore give the user the option to activate or deactivate this function. In the application settings it will be possible to do this, by means of a switch, which will allow its activation or deactivation in a simple way. The question is whether this feature will be available worldwide or whether it will be released only in the United States.

Google has not said anything at the moment about the launch of this function in its application. The fact that this information has been seen in the code indicates that the function will arrive soon, but it is not known when.

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