Google News would return to Spain: Alphabet would already be in talks to bring it back

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Google News would return to Spain: Alphabet would already be in talks to bring it back 1

One of the few Google applications that is not available in Spain is Google News. The company decided to cease its application in Spain after the approval of the Intellectual Property Law at the end of 2014.

In case you don’t remember, we put you in context. Said law stipulated that news aggregators would have to pay a mandatory fee that would serve to support the media that were in charge of creating the various content that the aggregator would include. At the time, Google indicated that by not having advertising, Google News did not provide benefits and they were not willing to pay a fee for something that did not bring them any results in their accounts, so the best decision was to close the service in our country.

According to Reuters, the situation would be about to change, as Alphabet would be in negotiations with the main Spanish media to bring back Google News.

The new EU law that would bring Google News back to Spain

The Government of Spain would be about to change the Intellectual Property regulations that made Google decide to close News in Spain. The government’s goal would be to implement the new 2019 European Union Copyright Law. The expected implementation date would be next June, and the change would be interesting enough for Google to bring its service back.

Instead of paying a royalty, this law forces giants like Google, Facebook or Amazonshare benefits of your service with the media, although it also leaves the door open for companies to negotiate among themselves.

Although there is still time for the implementation of the law, Google has already started to move. According to a nearby source,«Google is talking with several Spanish media about the possibility of including them in the Google News program Showcase ». According to two close sources, they have already closed some preliminary agreements pending the new legislation.

Google News Showcase is a recent Google initiative in which the company is able to display headlines for some media within its news section. This section, even if it is on the Google page, would show the contents that the medium in question decides to publish, having these powers over which of its contents are displayed on the platform.

The Google News entry would return to Spain: Alphabet would already be in talks to bring it back, it appears first in El Androide Libre.