Google Nest Audio, a new speaker with Assistant for music lovers

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Google continues with the expansion of its assistant, Assistant, through different physical media, which at the time were Home and now are Nest. Now, the Californian company puts a new device in circulation. We welcome the new smart speaker, the Google Nest Audio.

The new Nest Audio thus continues the family of smart speakers from its manufacturer with a new design line. The cylindrical design is abandoned to become a kind of tablet with much more careful lines and surround sound.

Immersive sound and new design

Google Nest Audio

The new Google Nest Audio has the software features that we already knew from previous versions, as the company’s assistant does not stop evolving and reaching all the devices on which it is pre-installed. That means we can call him with the classic “Ok, Google” and ask him for everything, although this Nest Audio is specially prepared for music.

According to Google itself, its Nest Audio comes with surround sound and is made of plastic whose origin is 70% recycled. Google claims to have placed special emphasis on the quality of its bass to generate a better surround sound and previous characteristics such as the possibility of link several for more sound channels, or send sound from room to room just by asking.

The new Google Nest Audio arrives with a 75 millimeter woofer and a 19 millimeter tweeter. It is 175 millimeters high and can be purchased in both chalk and charcoal colors. In connectivity, enjoy WiFi 5 and it has three touch zones, as well as a physical switch to disconnect the microphone whenever we want.

Like other Nest speakers, this Nest Audio can be used as a control for other smart home devices and we can connect different streaming services to be able to request music by voice. Youtube Music, Spotify or TuneIn appear among the supported services.

Google Nest Audio

As a novelty during this presentation, we can ask Google to delete the last conversations you have recorded, raising the level of control over our privacy. We can ask a simple “Ok Google, delete what I just said” and the audio will not leave a trace on the company’s servers.

The newly invoiced Google Nest Audio can now be reserved for a price of 99.99 euros with free shipping in the Google online store. At the moment the exact date on which it will be put on sale has not been specified, so it will be time to wait for the company to publish the information later.

More information | Google Nest Audio

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Google Nest Audio, a new speaker with Assistant for music lovers

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