Google messages will delete SMS with one-time codes for you

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The Google Messages application, which is the one that is installed by default on the vast majority of Android phones, has given prominence in recent years to instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram. That does not prevent, however, that Google continues to incorporate new functions into it periodically.

A few days ago, for example, he added the possibility of set up to three conversations at the top and we know it will soon include too featured messages. Now, in addition, has started updating the Messages app in India with two important new features: the categories and the automatic deletion of one-time passwords.

Categories to organize your SMS

Google Messages Categories

As Google itself explains, the two new features coming to the Messages app aim to help users more easily organize and manage their SMS. First, a new way of viewing messages: by categories.

The app uses machine learning technology to automatically classify messages into categories, including personals, transactions, OTP (one-time passwords) and offers. That means that bank SMS and invoices will be filtered in the transactions tab, while conversations with numbers saved in the phonebook will be hosted in the personal tab.

Google ensures that the classification takes place safely on the device, so all conversations remain in the app and categorized messages can be accessed offline.

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On the other hand, and in order to reduce the volume of useless messages, Google has also added the option to automatically remove one-time passwords (OTP). This deletion will take place 24 hours after receipt so that we do not have to waste time manually deleting them.

Google Messages Otp Deletion

To enable it, simply touch ‘Continue’ when the suggestion message appears; If we prefer to delete them ourselves, just press ‘No, thank you’. Both this function and that of the categories are optional and can be activated or deactivated in the settings of the Messages app.

Google has confirmed that they will begin to arrive in the coming weeks to Android phones in India -and in English- with Android 8 or later versions. At the moment, it has not provided details about its implementation in other countries or in other languages.

More information | Google India

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Google messages will delete SMS with one-time codes for you

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Google messages will delete SMS with one-time codes for you 2