Google messages continues to improve and new categories in search

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Google begins to eliminate applications that access SMS and calls

Despite the fact that messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram are the main means of communication in many countries, including Spain, SMS continues to have important relevance as it is the universal messaging medium on mobile devices. As a result, Google continually improves its messaging app to make it more worthwhile. The new feature makes interacting with these messages much easier.

Android messages filter our conversations in the latest beta

A few days ago we knew about an extremely useful Google messages feature, such as the possibility of automatically deleting verification messages once 24 hours have passed (at which time they are completely useless). Despite being a feature that we love, it is not the only improvement that will come to the application in the coming days, and that is that the big G is testing another feature among beta users.

Google messages continues to improve and new categories in search 1Google’s new message function | Source: @ HANI_4k on Twitter

The function could not be simpler, and is that when we press the search button, labels marked as All, Conversations, Offers, Verification Codes or More will appear. As we press one, the application will filter that type, so that it is easier to find.

The truth is that this type of categorization is very useful, but since the application has learned to categorize, the feature makes us a bit simplistic, and it is that they could well have implemented a tabbed interface similar to Telegram.

Although you can receive this feature by installing the latest Android Message Beta, there are no guarantees that by installing it you will receive this feature. As usual, some functions are only accessible through activation from Google’s own servers, something that also applies to this type of test features.

Google messages continues to improve and new categories in search 2

The Google Messages entry continues to improve and new categories in the search appear first in The Free Android.