Google Meet debuts Google Duo filters, skins and styles

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When the video calling app Google Meet it reached the whole world a little over a year ago many of us wonder what would happen to Google Duo. The possible answer came months later with the rumor that Duo would be absorbed by Meet, and that absorption seems to have just begun.

Last June, Google Meet released the effects, allowing us blur and change the background to our video calls. Now this June Google Duo filters arrive.

Meet begins to absorb Duo

Until now Google offered with Meet a more professional and serious video calling application, so if we wanted to make more fun video calls with filters we had to resort to Duo, but as with the arrival of the filters to Meet, we see Google, it seems that it does not want to continue maintaining two video calling applications for much longer.

From today Google Meet for mobile, including its integration with Gmail, already allows you to have more casual and fun video calls thanks to its new filters, masks and effects.

{“videoId”: “x82j44k”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “Filters and styles in Google Meet”}

By clicking on the “Effects” icon, in addition to blurring the background or changing the background for an image, we can now add styles and filters to our video call. We found seven ‘styles’ that allow us to activate B&W filters, lens flare or change the tone of the image, together with 25 masks that allow us to change our face for that of an animal or add accessories or effects.

Google has not yet ruled on the future of Duo, whose application has not received any news for almost a year. With this latest move it seems that the rumors of Duo’s absorption by Meet were true. Now let’s wait if the rest of Duo’s features come to Meet.

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Google Meet debuts Google Duo filters, skins and styles

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