Google Maps will help you travel safely with its new functions

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Google Maps is an application that many users in Spain use to plan their trips. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the application introduced a layer called COVID-19, which shows the progress of cases in the regions of a country, in order to plan your trips and decide if it is a good idea or not to go to a certain site.

In today’s Search On event, where they have announced improvements to their search engine, a series of functions have also been announced that will come to Google Maps. It is a series of functions designed to allow you to travel safely, by having more information about those places.

More information to travel safely

Google Maps business concurrency

Years ago Google Maps introduced a function that informs us about business rush hour, showing how full they are at certain times of the day, useful information during confinement and also currently. From now on, you will not have to click on the file of the business in question to know if it is very full or not at that time.

You just have to search the map that business (supermarket or general store) and below its name it will be shown if it is very busy at that time or if it is a good time to go shopping. So it will allow better planning when going to the stores.

Google Maps agglomeration routes

In addition, Google Maps will also show us the concurrency when we calculate a route. The application will inform us if the destination of our route is very crowded at the time we plan to arrive. This allows us to change our route or destination, or the time to go, to avoid being in a place where there is a large crowd.

New section of health in business

Maps business security section

Google Maps will update the business cards with a new health and safety section. This section will show the health and safety rules and measures in said business, such as whether it is mandatory to wear a mask, if we have to book in advance or if there are some additional measures to take into account, such as that we have to give our personal data or if the temperature is taken when entering.

When we enter the file of a business, where its address, contact information and opening hours are shown, we will see that there is a new Health and Safety section. This is something that will be implemented in as many businesses as possible over the next few months. Further, users will be able to contribute too, providing information on the measures taken by each business.

Google Maps keeps improving Live View

Enhanced Maps Live View

Live View continues to improve in the application as new functions are added. Google maps will now give more information by clicking on a place marker. For example, they can show the opening hours of that place, its attendance or user ratings. They will also provide data on health and safety in that business, so that we know if there are certain measures that we have to take into account.

All these functions are beginning to be deployed in the application for users on Android and iOS. They will also arrive in Spain, although they are not available yet, but it will take a few weeks for us to use them.

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