Google Maps will allow you to pay in public car parks

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Google Maps will allow you to pay in public car parks 1

Google Maps is an application that we can use for many functions in Spain. From planning routes, seeing the price of gasoline in our area, to being able to see the evolution of COVID-19 cases in the various areas in your country. The application will now help us to pay for parking in pay zones in cities thanks to its new function.

Google Maps integrates with Google Pay to facilitate paying for parking when you use a public parking lot. The app joins forces with the Passport and ParkMobile parking payment apps to make it possible. So you can pay directly from your phone when you park somewhere in the city that has these systems.

Pay for parking from Google Maps

When you have entered a route, when you are close to reaching your destination, Google Maps will display an on-screen button that says “Pay for Parking” (pay for parking) on ​​which you will be able to click. On the next screen you will have to enter the number of the parking meter or the area where you are going to park, so that it is recorded where you park and the time you plan to park in that place. When you have filled this out, you just have to click on pay.

This function will also allow you extend the time you will have the car parked if you finally need to stay longer. That way you won’t have to go in person to that parking meter and pay again to stay longer. From your phone you can do everything easily and quickly. In addition, you will have access to all digital receipts, in case you need to send it or show it to someone.

The application also expands the ability to pay for your tickets for your trips, being able to pay the rates in advance. You will be able to pay before arriving at a station, ideal if you do not know what payment methods you can use in person. From Google Maps you can pay with your credit or debit card, linked to Google Pay. Once you have bought the ticket, you will only have to show it when you arrive at the station or have to go through the entrance doors.

Google Maps now displays these two options in more than 400 different cities in the United States, including big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Houston and more. It is already launched in the version of the application for Android and will soon be available also on iOS.

The possibility of paying your transport tickets from the app will also display internationally, as Google confirms in its announcement today. It will expand to 80 companies worldwide on the Android app in the coming weeks.

The Google Maps entry will allow you to pay in public car parks, it appears first in El Androide Libre.