Google Maps tests a minimalist design for routes

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Google Maps Android

Google Maps is one of the apps on Android most used in Spain, in addition to being one of the most updated. Recently the new split view in StreetView was released, as well as the price of gasoline in Spain began to show. The application continues to work on changes and the following would be a change in its interface during routes.

The new route design in Google Maps would leave us with a more minimalist appearance, betting on a more immersive map, which allows a better visualization of the routes in the Android application. XDA has already shown the first photo of this new interface that is being tested.

New route design in Google Maps

Google Maps new route design


The new Google Maps route interface will leave us with a more minimalist design, which will allow a more comfortable use. Until now, the places of the route were shown in a bar at the top, but in this new design they are shown in a floating button on the map, as seen in the left image. This floating button takes up less space on the screen, allowing us to focus more on the route itself.

It is also shown less information on the screen, since the tabs and buttons of the previous design disappear, where it was shown how long it took to complete the route in each type of transport. This information is still available in the app, but now it is entered at the bottom, in a vertical list. If we want to see it, we will have to display this list.

Google Maps is currently testing with this new design on the routes page, but it is not known what the firm’s specific plans are for this design. It is not known if it will expand to more Android users soon or if it will remain simply a test and will not end up being released for users.

The entry Google Maps tests with a minimalist design for the routes appears first in The Free Android.