Google Maps shows the price of gas stations in Spain

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It may well be that we are left with fuel on a journey, be it longer or shorter. Due to confusion or distance, knowing how to stop at the right gas station is essential. And by this we mean to stop at the one with the lowest possible prices, it is something that our pocket will appreciate. We are going to see everything that this new Google Maps function offers us.

Maps - Navigation and public transport
Maps - Navigation and public transport

Check gas station prices on Google Maps

This novelty is not only in Spain, but started arriving a few days ago to everyone, and its operation has no mystery. We already know that many things can be done in the browser, and it is that within Google Maps we can search by types of premises, shops and buildings.

In the case of gas stations, apart from seeing other elements such as the hours or the attendance of the service station, the novelty lies in being able see fuel prices at each gas station of the Spanish territory. This includes any type of fuel, as it shows what a liter costs for diesel, S95 gasoline and SP98 gasoline. However, Google Maps shows by default in the thumbnail and lists only the price of the SP95.

how to see prices gas stations google maps

We do not know how accurate this Google tool will be. However, it is a very useful function that can help us to compare between stations before going rather than to know, to the penny, the price they will charge us. It should also be noted that it does not work with all service stations, as we have found some where the price of any fuel does not appear.

How to see prices in the mobile browser

As we have written a few lines above, looking for the price of the closest gas stations or that are on our way is super simple, without much mystery. And it is that there will only be press at a gas station to see the price of your fuel.

To see the price of all fuels we have to follow these steps:

  • We go to the area where we want to search or click on the »Gas Stations» section.
  • We look for the gas station that best suits us, the closest one or select »See list» to see all the available ones.
  • We click on the icon of the one we want.
  • At the bottom, there are the cards with the name of the same and with the price that it has for unleaded gasoline of 95 octane.