Google Maps for Android: the most common problems and their solutions

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Google Maps for Android: the most common problems and their solutions

Google Maps is one of the most popular map applications, with more than 5 billion downloads on Google Play. It comes pre-installed in the vast majority of Android phones and generally works very well, although it is inevitable that you have some bugs and problems occasionally.

Yes you have problems with Google Maps on Android, we have compiled a list of the Most common Google Maps problems and their possible solutions, so you can get out of the way and use the popular navigation and maps application on your mobile again.

The compass does not work well


Luckily, one of the most common problems with Google Maps is one of the easiest to solve: when the compass does not point correctly to the orientation of the mobile at that moment. I mean, yes the “focus” is not pointing straight in the direction you are goingbut to the side or back.

Your mobile uses the various sensors inside to calculate the orientation, but from time to time these calculations can lose reliability. To solve it you only need calibrate the compass, a simple process that can now also be carried out with the mobile camera. Do this to fix it:

  • Tap on the blue circle that shows your location on the map

  • In the menu that opens, tap Calibrate the compass

  • Move the mobile in the shape of eight following the instructions on the screen, three times.

Unexpected closings


It is not too common, but as with any other application, it is possible that at some point Google Maps application closes unexpectedly, sporadically or continuously. These types of errors are not usually your fault, but a new version of the application that came with a gift in the form of error.

Generally, Google shouldn’t take too long launch an application update that fixes the error, but it never hurts to try to fix it yourself with a few steps that are usually useful in similar cases:

  • Restart the mobile

  • If it still doesn’t work, delete the data from the Google Maps application

  • If it still doesn’t work, uninstall the Google Maps updates and reinstall it

Maps appear blank


This error is also rare, although it appeared to several users last year: Google Maps works correctly, but the map itself does not appear. The reason is not clear, although it could be related to poor connectivity or a specific error in Google Maps.

If you have this problem, it never hurts to try the basic package to troubleshoot not only in Google Maps, but in practically any other Android app with problems:

  • Restart the mobile

  • Make sure the internet connection is stable

  • Clear the Google Maps cache from Settings – Applications – Google Maps

  • If it still doesn’t work, delete the data too

  • If it still doesn’t appear, uninstall the latest Google Maps updates and install an older version

No results

No Results

A simpler error is the one that tells you that no search results found, which can be frustrating when you’re sure you’ve spelled the place correctly. The main thing here is to make sure that you have indeed spelled the name correctly, although Google Maps is flexible and will automatically correct small errors.

Searching for places on Google Maps gives priority to the area of ​​the map that is being displayed, so you may have trouble finding a site in another area unless you specify it correctly in your search. To maximize your search efficiency, move the map to the area you are searching in first:

  • Make sure you have spelled the name correctly

  • Show on the map the area where the place you are looking for is located

  • Try to search in the local language of the place

Your saved places don’t come out


In this case it is not so much an error, but a function: Google Maps allows you to save places to consult them later, but they will only appear in your account. If the places saved in Google Maps do not appear, the reason is usually as simple as that you are not using your google account at that moment.

  • Tap on the profile picture in the search bar

  • Choose your account from the list

GPS icon is red


If the Google Maps location icon appears in red, the reason is as simple as Google Maps you do not have permission to access the location, because you have not granted it yet or because you have manually removed it from the Android settings. The app will continue to run smoothly, but you won’t be able to see where you are or get routes to or from your current location.

In order to solve it, tap the red button and you will be asked again to grant permission to access the location. If you chose the option “Do not ask again”, then you will have to do it from Android settings.

  • Tap on the button to give Google Maps permission to access the location

  • If you chose “Don’t ask again”, grant permission from Android settings.

There is no Internet conection


When Google Maps goes offline, it will show you a message stating that “it seems you are offline”. If you are currently connected to the Internet, it is possible that your internet connection is unstable or there is a problem on the network or from Google.

Google Maps can work without an Internet connection, although some functions will be limited and the amount of information displayed is much smaller. The good news is that you don’t need to do anything, as Google Maps will automatically detect when the Internet connection has returned.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet

  • If the problems persist, restart the mobile

Enable Google Play Services


If after opening Google Maps you do not stop receiving a message asking you to enable Google Play Services, this means there is a problem with Google services. It is rare that this happens by itself, although not so much if you have been messing around with Google Services or installing them on a mobile that did not come standard.

The error basically means that Google services are not working, and Google Maps needs them for a good part of its functions. You can ignore the message and you can use Google Maps a bit, although ideally you should try to fix Google services:

  • Restart the mobile

  • Check that Google Services are not disabled

  • Uninstall updates from Google Services and update to the latest version on Google Play

  • If nothing works, consider factory restore your mobile

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Google Maps for Android: the most common problems and their solutions

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