Google Maps debuts a spectacular split view in StreetView

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One of the most useful functions of Google Maps is the view of the streets thanks to the integration of photos with Street View. This possibility was recently expanded to allow us to upload our own spherical photos.

Now the app has been updated with a new split view that makes Street View much more convenient to use.

Releasing split screen in Google Maps

Google Maps debuts a spectacular split view in StreetView 1

We have found the novelty when we have activated the Street View view within Google Maps and it has been shown only in the upper half of the screen. We had not seen it in any other version of the application.

As you can see in the images, when we click on any road, the lower part will continue to hold the map, with a blue arrow icon that will not only show us where we are, but where we are looking.

If we click on another blue way or on one of the points that have 3D images, the upper part will change.

We can see it in full screen

Google Maps debuts a spectacular split view in StreetView

However, this new view does not prevent us from seeing Street View in full screen, or almost. To do this we have to click on the double arrow icon in the lower right corner of the Street View part. If we click on the top one, we will exit that view.

We have seen this new function available in the version 10.59.1 which is in the Google Play Store. We have seen it in several different accounts, although we know that not all users have it yet so we may have to wait a few days in some cases.

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