Google Maps begins to update with a new design for car mode

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Google maps is starting to update with a completely new interface dedicated to driving mode. Currently, Google Maps has a practically identical interface, regardless of whether we start navigation on foot, by car or by public transport, with some variations when showing the roads, but without major changes.

With the new interface, Google Maps gets closer to Android Auto, showing larger and more accessible controls for certain functions in order to avoid distractions. We are going to show you what the new redesign looks like and what features it incorporates.

This is the new Google Maps interface for driving mode

Image 2020 09 28 08 27 02

As they report from Android Police, Google Maps is being updated with a redesigned driving mode. Now the design is more similar to Android Auto, with large controls at the bottom.

Being an interface that tries to avoid distractions, the buttons and applications are shown with quite large icons

Specific, we have the playback controls for apps like YouTube Music, with quite large buttons, and just below both the button to invoke the assistant and the menu button.

Image 2020 09 28 08 27 26

When we access the menu button we access a panel in which there are “basic” applications, those that we may need during a car trip. For example, Spotify, Tidal, Google Podcast, call and message apps, etc. will appear. The interface of this menu is very simple, with very large icons and a look traced to Android Auto.

Image 2020 09 28 08 27 38

The screen for calls has also been renewed, which now shows the top three contacts and the three most recent calls. In the same way, we have a large ‘call someone else’ button that will take us to the scoreboard. There is also an interface dedicated to YouTube Music, showing the lists, covers and controls in fairly large elements.

The update, as usual in Google, is starting to come through the server, so the only thing we can do, for now, is keep the application updated and wait for it to finish arriving on our phone.

Via | Android Police

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Google Maps begins to update with a new design for car mode

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Google Maps begins to update with a new design for car mode 1

Google Maps begins to update with a new design for car mode 2